There’s always more room for games, jackpots, and developers in the online casino industry. Old Skool Studios is the newest name in the game-creation ranks. Old Skool Studios is a smaller developer trying to establish themselves in the online slot world. There are many big players, but there are also smaller ones. Old Skool Studios may only have a handful of games, but they are grabbing attention from slots players around the globe for a reason. La Rouge, one of their newest releases, is a game that’s hard to ignore because of its lavish appearance.

For generations, slot games have tried to be different. Many of them fail. Old Skool has always tried to make a difference in a crowded market. La Rouge is an innovative video slot that offers something different. But can this approach – which is entirely new – create a game worth playing? This review will provide the answer to this question and many more!

A Dame to Die For

La Rouge is a game that has panache and pizazz. The game’s overlay is reminiscent of Sin City, giving it a unique look. This type of online slot is rare. From the glowing neon signs to the dark silhouettes, this game will grab your attention. Great production values complement the old-school Sin City style. Old Skool Studios shows small-time developers can do more than throw out half-baked titles. La Rouge is a game that looks and feels great. It’s worth all the praise it will receive from critics and gamers.

Throwing On a Vinyl Or Two

La Rouge is determined to go all the way. The gameplay demonstrates this. The lower-value symbols are worth 40 to 50 coins for a five-card row. The telephone, vinyl records, and red flowers are higher-value symbols. The characters are worth anywhere from 100 to 500 coins. The prizes may not be the largest in the world, but the bonus features excite the game. The minimum chance is 0.20, and the maximum for all lines is 10.00.

This game is primarily fun because of the bonus features. The reels have a lot of scatter, bonus, and wild symbols. Scatter symbols and wilds are self-explanatory, as seen in many other real money slot games. The scatter symbol awards eight free spins, while the wild symbol grants 12. Five scatter symbols intention earn you 20 free spins. You can spin the reels free by using the scatter symbol.

Starlite Bonus Game is the ”top-level” game in La Rouge. This feature is initiated when the scatter symbol emerges on the first, third, or fifth reels. This bonus feature is easy to get stuck into, thanks to the level-based nature of the game.

Taking a Trip to Epic City

Free La Rouge slot is as unique as it gets in terms of themes, so it’s certainly challenging to find a similar game for our money. This is why we have to discount the look and music of the game when deciding on similar games. As far as just gameplay goes, the developer that matches up to Old Skool Studios is Quickspin. Their fun, Epic City and Extinction, might have different themes, but they are similar as gameplay goes, so don’t hesitate to give them a spin should they cross your path.

Loving Life with La Rouge!

Old Skool Studios is making some significant dents in the casino online world, getting big developers to watch their backs in the process. This developer is speeding down the fast lane and putting plenty of deserved weight behind La Rouge, with this game having true flagship potential. This game understands how to properly create and display a theme to grab the attention of the masses. If you’re a fan of online slots with a touch of Sin City splashed into the mix, then La Rouge by Old Skool Studios is the game for you.

Epic City Slots

Experience the sights and sounds of a bustling modern metropolis with Epic City, a slot machine designed and developed by Old Skool Studios software. There are five rotations and 20 fixed paylines to link up the symbols and claim your winnings. Moreover, a bonus game allows players to power up their betting balance while the usual free spins and wild symbols help keep things ticking along nicely.

Take a spin in the city.

This slot machine is ostensibly set in 1937 in a period of hope and prosperity after the great depression in America, or so the game’s narrative exposition tells us. But in fact, the game presents a far more modern and futuristic cityscape than any city from the 1930s because there are towering skyscrapers, substantial intercity train systems, and even a few flying air-ships transporting people from place to place. So, in essence, this game is more like a vision of hope and idealism for what a modern capitalist city could be like, a bit like that in Fritz Lang’s 1927 film, Metropolis.

As such, the game is sophisticated in theme, filled with imagery of success and power. Icons show technological achievements such as the automobile, the steam-powered ship, the locomotive train, and the blimp airship. There are a few jewel-encrusted playing card suits and some special gameplay symbols with bonus characteristics.

Grab your fortune

Epic City is full of prosperity and opportunity – if Ayn Rand had designed a slot machine, then this would be it. As such, every player can seize their fortune for themselves, and the presence of a wild symbol and free spins scatter icon helps this.

Perhaps in homage to Rand, the free spin scatter is depicted by a statue of Atlas holding up a globe which says ”Free Spins.”However, instead of shrugging off his duty, this icon will help spinners by awarding several free games when three or more appear in any position of the reels (three scatters award eight free games, four offer 12 free spins, and five will line up 20). All of these free will be played with a randomly selected multiplier (2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x) and some stacked wild symbols, represented by an image of a golden man.

The main attraction of the city, however, is the bonus-building icon. This towering symbol of human engineering only appears on revolutions 1, 3, and 5, whereas the bonus side game will begin when three are seen at any one time. The city lights will go out, and players will have the chance to power up the generators to save the day while also powering up their balances with a whole load of special prizes. Each fuse light awards a different bonus prize, and some will even give punters a chance to ”Win All” or ”Advance” to the next fuse-box level. However, if you find a ”Collect” prize, you will be taken back to the main game with whatever winnings you have gathered.

The price of city living

What kind of wealth lies within this Epic City slot machine? Well, not a great deal in reality because the game’s maximum standard play jackpot is capped at a relatively unimpressive 2,000 credits. However, it should be noted that this is so low because the game’s bet-per-line options are relatively small in scope. They are 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.00 and 2.00. All 20 lines are fixed in place, meaning the chosen line bet amount will be multiplied by 20 to calculate the total bet.

The biggest prize is paid when five wild symbols appear on a payline, rewarding a 1,000x line bet multiplier. This is followed by the zeppelin, the train, and the ship, which pay 500x, 200x, and 100x when five are matched. The car icon and the hearts symbol both award a 50x line bet reward for five, while diamonds, clubs, and spades icons pay no more than 40x.The free spin scatter icon will pay a total bet multiplier of 25x when five appear, regardless of paylines.

Slots and the city

Epic City is a mighty slot machine. The theme is well thought out and expertly realized to present an air of hope and prosperity in a bustling urban environment. Plus, there is a decent spread of bonus elements to keep the spinning action gripping while ensuring that spinners have every chance to seize their wealth and fortune. If you like this Old Skool Studios slot, check our review of the Aztec Gold game when you can!